Turnaround Advisory Services

The cornerstone of Synergy’s Turnaround Advisory Services is its  Professional 10-Step Process, a highly collaborative process designed to quickly investigate, identify and execute the top Critical Changes that must be made to return a company to profitability and positive cash flow in the short term.

We offer Three Levels of Service* customized to fit almost any budget:


Customized coaching/mentoring services to improve the performance of senior executives while improving a company’s profitability and cash flow, delivered on an hourly basis.


Designed for relatively straight-forward, low-risk and self-contained issues, such as a refinancing, vendor negotiations, forecasting, product development or supply chain performance, delivered on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.


An immersive, on-site advisory service intended for larger and more complex turnarounds.

The Service Level you choose will depend on the scope of the project and the amount of time required to deliver results. In all cases, we will deliver a customized, professional Turnaround Plan to help ensure your success. No long-term commitment. You are free to change or discontinue your Service Plan at any time without charge or penalty.

*Custom-tailored plans are also available.