Level 1 (Basic) Service

A Level 1 engagement is most often chosen when a company is facing relatively straight-forward, low-risk and self-contained issues, such as a refinancing, vendor negotiations, forecasting, product development or supply chain performance.  It is structured in a way to be highly flexible and adaptable, and is delivered on an hourly, daily or weekly basis depending on the need.  A Level 1 engagement always begins with a two or three-day on-site visit to assess the situation and begin formulating a game plan.

Level 1 engagement are typically delivered through a combination of on-site and phone support and are billed at the rate of $375 per hour, $2,750 per diem or $12,600 per week.

No contract is required for a Level 1 engagement and the engagement may be extended or terminated by the Client at any time with no further obligation past the termination date.