A Message from Gary Nacht and Synergy Enterprises

Thank you for your interest in learning more about Synergy Enterprises.

I specialize in acquiring and advising distressed and underperforming companies, ranging from $15 million in sales to over $1 billion across a diversity of industries, including retail, distribution, wholesale and manufacturing, and covering the gamut from consumer products to apparel.

On the buy side, I began acquiring distressed and underperforming companies in 1997, including Kmart Canada (a $1.2 billion Canadian big-box retailer), Gemini Industries (a $160 million Philips-branded distributor of consumer electronics), GPX Inc. (a $180 million private label consumer electronics company), AmerTac (a $60 million branded distributor of lighting accessories) and Northern Reflections (a $100 million, 150-store Canadian womenswear retail chain) which I still own today.

Most of these acquisition opportunities come from “being in the right place at the right time.”  I often hear from professionals (attorneys, accountants, financial planners and advisors, bankers) who become aware of a distressed situation and refer them to me. I also often hear from senior executives involved with a distressed business who have an interest in a management buyout or friendly restructuring.

On the advisory side, my approach is quite different from a typical consulting engagement. First, I work personally with only a limited number of distressed or underperforming companies at any given time. Second, it is an immersive, collaborative and highly motivating process that includes in-depth interviews with all senior executives and results in a detailed strategic and tactical plan to deliver quantifiable and measurable short-term results. In many cases I am asked to stay on for an additional period of time to implement the plan so owners and management can stay focused on running their business. I offer three levels of service to match the degree of severity and any budget constraints.

Other Activities.  I am also an active speaker for various business associations, deliver online webinars talking about the 10-Step Turnaround Process I use to return companies to profitability and positive cash flow, publish articles describing my experiences working with distressed and underperforming companies, and am often invited to speak at private company’s client events.

Links to all of these can be found below.  Again, thank you for your interest.  I will look forward to hearing from you.

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